Last Will and Testament

Why? Why?

For sometime, and maybe my entire life, I have had healing, beautiful thoughts in the night. But they have never been recorded and so they are lost not only to me but to those I should have shared with.

At this time Yahweh Almighty, though Yahshua's spirit, is flooding my mind and my feelings. I feel driven to share.

Do not let the sheer number of words over load you for some of it, I feel, is at this time only for a few. But do not discard what as written. Put it aside in a designated place to be taken out when you personally can be fed and encouraged by it. Or to be lead to a deeper understanding.

Yet write I must and share I cannot help it. No one lasts in this life form forever. But I would not leave you without a prop to hold you up after I am released from this body.

Know for certain that though my earthly remains are gathered to the earth we will meet again in His perfection if you follow the path as given.

I leave these writings as my lasting will and testament of Yahweh's love and Yahshua's example.

Mary E. Hayes

A willing servant of Yahweh and little sister to Yahshua! 11/15/17







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