Intent and Propensity

Intent and Propensity


Propensity – Latin – An innate inclination, bent, to be inclined (as the tree is bent, so it will grow) [see thoughts on the Bonsal Tree.]


Intent – Lat. Noun 1 air or purpose, 2 the state of mind at the time of action; 3 a. meaning – significance; b. Connotation . Adj. 1 firmly fixed; concentrated. 2 engrossed; 3 determined, from Lat. To intend


Intentional – done deliberately


Intention - 1 a plan of action, design; 2 an aim that guided an action


Latin is called a dead language because the words and word meanings have never been allowed to change. This is the reason Latin is the language of all true science.


Noun – Lat. A word used to mane a person place, thing, quality, or action.


Adjective – Lat. Any of a class of words used to modify a noun or other substansive by limiting, qualifying, or specifing


Substansive – adj- j. 1 substansive, considerable; 2 of the essence of something, essential – a word or group of words functioning as a noun


So why am I giving you these meanings which you probably

understand better than I. Because I have never been taught grammar I read and write with a dictionary beside me. I have worn out several paper backs and two hard covers. So this list is for me, especially!


The story of the Bonsai Tree looks at intent and propensity.

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