Alzheimer Helps

Alzheimer Helps

Given in descending order of potency.

Most of these herbs can be taken topically so you can add them to your shampoos and bath water as they are absorbed easily.

Horsebalm {Monarda, various species} add several dropperfuls of horsebalm tincture to your herbal shampoo.

Rosemary {Rosmarinus officinalis} make a tea, add a tincture to your shampoo, or add to bath water.

Brazil nuts {Bertholettia excelsa} eaten raw

Dandelion flower {Taraxacum officinale} eaten raw is best but cooked will help.

Fava bean {Vicia faba} cook well. You can add them to salads or in soup.

Fenugreek {Trigonella foenum-graecum} eat green in salads or dried as a tea.

Biblical Brainfood Soup

Barley, bottle gourd, dandelion flowers and greens, fava beans, flax seed, lentils, poppy seeds, stinging nettle, ground walnuts and cracked wheat.

Season the soup with balm, rosemary, sage and savory,. These help the brain hold on to it acetylcholine, another compound that researchers believe to be helpful.

Experiment with these ingredients to make a soup you can enjoy. You do not need to use all the ingredients at the same time. Keep the list handy and add as many as you can to other soups you might be making.


Source: ‘The Green Pharmacy” by James A,. Duke, Ph.D.





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