The Bonsai Tree

The Bonsai Tree


Bonsai (bon si ) n. a dwarfed, ornament-ally shaped tree or shrub planted in a shallow pot.


The intent is to force the tree into the desired shape, no matter how unnatural. The tree is denied sufficient soil to over come the restrictions imposed by man. If there is no interference in the trees behalf it cannot return to any resemblance to that which Yahweh created it to be.


As a child I lived where whirlwinds were common and as a child will do we tried our strength by throwing ourselves into the vortex. So what is a vortex?


Vortex Lat. 1 fluid flow, as of water or air, involving rotation about an axis. 2 Something regarded as drawing into its center all that surrounds it.

It is easy to do this with our life struggles, they flow or swirl around us and draw us where we would not go otherwise, except for the circumstances. Don't let the momentary rob you of your gifts given you by Yahweh. This too shall pass – hang unto His promises and pray. He will answer at the last possible moment – that's how we know it is He who deserves the praise and honor of being the savior.


If there is no righteous interference in a child's life they will be drawn into that which they are taught, by example, word or deed of those who surround them. To straighten a young sapling a steady, gentle pressure must be placed in the proper direction – force will snap the tree and it will generally be broken and die.


Even then, even then, if a hand serving Yahweh comes late in life to find the root it was created with, the tree can be restored to its intended order.


As it is with the tree so it is with mankind. Propensity is not destiny, it is an unnatural bent that can be straightened if the person is willing. The Bonsai Tree has no choice, but man, created in the image of Yahweh can choose to go through the painful process of restoration by allowing Yahweh's spirit to enter their hearts and thereby change them into the person He planted in them when He created them.


The root bears and feeds the plant so it becomes what Yahweh blessed it to become.

When that root is Yahweh, and the food/spiritual guidance is Yahshua, full restoration will come and more than you can imagine will be your joy!



Class notes from discussion.


We have read what was written and come to different conclusions, perceptions, as expected.


One looks for a practical help for abused or neglected children.


One sees the tree as crippled by life's experiences.


Another sees the pain of living in a place set against their ever reaching their full potential.


Another looks at the dwarf-ness and prays for the healing to bring about completeness.


Another looks and sees the Saviors saving mercy and thinks of the willful lamb whose leg must be broken to keep it from straying into harms way. The shepherd then carries the lamb until the leg heals. By then the lamb has come to trust the shepherds ruling and does not want to be separated. The tree, despite the enemies attempts to destroy, becomes a thing of beauty. Set-apart from the forest in a place protected and provided for. Different in size and form, a tree still, shaped by the hand of a loving Father.


Do we choose to dwell on our shaping and the pain we experienced or do we choose to learn and grow in the sphere we are set in? Are we dwelling on the past which cannot be changed? Or are we thanking our Father for holding us close enough to keep us safe?


Dwelling on pain strengthens the pain and keeps it in our hearts and minds. Holding unto the past hurts and injustices will not heal them nor change your today, it just robs you of any peace you could have enjoyed.


I have placed my memories, as well as the rest of my mind, in Yahweh's hands. He alone knows which ones serve His purposes in my life, which heal and which destroy and rob me of His presence.


And when I do this I have His Shalom! So can you!

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