Gr Bk Pg 9

Gr Bk pg 9

With Yahweh being complaint in character is more important than compliance in deed. If ones character is in line with the teachings of all scripture, because they want to be righteous, they will not break the spirit of the law. Whereas those doing duty without love will be looking for ways around doing the thing they know is right, but that which is repugnant to them personally.

We celebrated the passing of the 1st day of Tabernacles and the passing of the weekly Sabbath last night with a fire, hot dogs, potato salad and for the first time, alcohol [wine and beer]. No one became drunk but for a group where strangers, whose beliefs were unknown to each other, came together for the first time it was filled with gentle teasing, recounting past laughable moments and new friendships. For me personally it was a grand reunion in that my local support group finally met my spiritual support group and they joined together in peace and acceptance.

As part of our celebration we three went to Frankenmuth, MI. For a chicken dinner and sight seeing. Shortly after we arrived a lady asked me to take her picture. I put my purse on the wall and took her picture for which she thanked me. We then went into the restaurant. When I removed my jacket I found my purse missing. I went to recover it and my partners went into prayer. I went out two doors before I found the right door. To my dismay no lady and no purse. I returned and notified the restaurant and rejoined my friends. One of them offered their cell phone so I could notify my bank and then we enjoyed our meal. At that point I had peace and was sure Yahweh would use this to bring about His will. The staff was aware of what had happened and spoke kindly to me and some added their prayers as well. When we were part way through our meal the security man came to our table and asked my name. When I told him he brought the lady to our table and she told us how she had been seeking me ever since she discovered I had left my purse which she had taken to the visitor center. They looked to see if there was a phone number they could possibly call to let me know where the purse was, so that is how she knew my name. This was a divine appointment. The lady needed a friend and we filled the bill. This was our first meeting but it surly will not be our last. For we have shared a set-apart miracle, prayer, and experiences with our faith; this makes us family, the family of Yahweh and we will continue to hold each other up. Several of the staff stopped to thank the lady for being an answer to prayer and showed their pleasure at our blessing. So we had a wonderful day, received several blessings, and enjoyed ourselves, and gained a new believing friend.


Every holiday, especially on New Years Eve, there are many accidents due to drinking drivers. If they made driving any vehicle except those used by first responders illegal that day and night how much safer the road would be. Scripture does not cast stones at those who imbibe only those who become drunk.


(Job 31:33-34 ISV)"Have I covered my transgression like other people, to conceal iniquity within myself? 31:34 Have I feared large crowds? Has my family's contempt ever terrified me so that I remained silent and wouldn't go outside?"


Did I fear a great multitude? Did the contempt of my family terrify me that I kept silent? That I kept at home? I have been under spiritual attack since mid September 2019. The battle dissolved to physical in October with police and EMT’s involved and the on going threat of death and burning still there. On top of this my grand daughter was arrested and is in the local jail where they were switching out personal visits for video on phone or computer and I am not tech happy or adept. On the last night of personal visits I went for my time at 8pm and found they were ahead of schedule with the change over and our visit had been canceled. That was the last straw. I was so enraged I cam home and flung myself into the house – slamming the door and as I went to my room my muscles on the right side sized and a rib popped out. Also my right jaw clenched. The pain was worse than a gall stone attack with pneumonia thrown in. It reached from head to toe and put me on my face on the bed for two hours. I was still so mad that I could do nothing but cry Yahweh and He spoke to me. “You have the cannabis, use it.” Since I do not smoke it I called one who does and they came with the smoke and sat at my side so I could inhale the smoke. So I who am anti-smoking anything, breathed in the fumes and had the sweetest two hours of rest in my memory. When I wore I took a sleeping pill and slept another four hours. Then Yahweh said to take actifed for the right side of my face was grossly swollen to where the jowl sagged for my sinus glands had filled it with fluid. When I woke on Friday AM all pain was gone except in the face. I had some soreness in the ribs and thigh, but that is all. Yahweh also told me to call my doctor and he sent a script for antibiotics and a nasal inhaler. On Monday I went to my chiropractor and she finished straightening me up.

Now for the rest of the story. In 2010 I was suppose to start this book and re-establish my web site. I have not done this telling myself [listening to discouragement from the enemy] that it was to much for me, it was hard, would cause more family problems, and I was not physically strong enough. By 2015 people began to wonder if I was going to die. The thought never entered my mind. I was losing so much body heat that even my core was cold. I continued to function(?) as a teacher, but had to send my friend Betsy away as I was her caregiver and she was bed ridden. I also closed my small bookkeeping operation. The upshot was that Yahweh revealed to me, during my temper tantrum aftermath, that I had been starving myself since 2010 and it was ‘time to stand and be counted on’. He began Friday night to command me to eat, and kept it up all night long – get up and eat – and I did. By the second Sabbath I was singing and praising Him. Why did I not die? Yahweh’s timing is everything. Yahweh knows me as no one else can and my stubbornness was no surprise to Him. He already knew what had to happen for me to finally submit. There is no good served by trying to figure out what might have been if I had been submissive from the beginning. Rather let us see what good Yahweh will bring about by my obedience – obedience given willingly at last.

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