Meeting guidelines

Good Manners for Meeting Participants 

1.  All phones on mute unless you have been acknowledged to speak. Only one sound can be carried by a phone at one time, and priority is given to the loudest. In spite of this principal background noices and conversations will come through and disrupt the speaker. The sounds of a persons breath is also heard when off mute.

2. For those without a mute button *6 will normally put you on mute and again bring you back. To make sure you are on mute please ask and I will let you know if I can hear you. If I do not reply you have successfully muted.

3. If you wish to visit without participating you can do so by simply hitting the # key without entering your name. I will hear a click but no announcement. It is best if your call is dropped or you leave and return to not give your name so the speaker is not over rode.

4. Prayer request are taken between 10:15 and 10.45 as each person enters the room. 

5. Meetings will begin at 10:45 with prayer and a opening Hymn followed by the teaching of the day.

6. New Moon and Feast Days will follow the same agenda as the Sabbath meetings.


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