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Sabbath Phone Meeting @ 10:30am – All meetings use this phone number
1-605-475-5900 and Access code 9668846#

This is not a free phone call, you will need unlimited service or you will be charged by your phone company. Please call if you intend to attend in person so sufficient food will be prepared.

[Please note:  All material  in [ ] are inserts by the teacher for clarification. In our years of study we have recovered the proper names of our Heavenly Father and His son. Our Father’s name is Yahweh. In most translations the name of the Father has been replaced with LORD and GOD all in capitals. By restoring His name we are seeking to obey the third commandment.

Our Savior was of the tribe of Judah, a rabbi, and legitimate son.  He therefore bears His Father’s Name. In Hebrew, His native language, His name is Yahshua which means Yahweh is Salvation. Lord means master or Sovereign and God means Almighty when referring to Yahweh or mighty one when referring to false gods.

The use of Elohim instead of Almighty follows the same mindset as as using Jehovah instead of Yahweh – because it is what the people are used to – yet Yahweh has told us not to substitute the names of others who are seen as gods in His worship. See also Ps 68.4; 83.18; 124.8; 135.13; Isa. 12.2; 26.4 ; Gen. 22.14; Exo. 15.15; Judges 6.24. Yahweh is Almighty and when He forgives your sins they are truly forgiven. Isa. 38.17 & 43.25; Micha 7.19; Heb. 8.12 & 10.17]